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Music Biz 2018

My first week of summer was spent in Nashville, Tennessee at the Music Biz 2018 conference! Along with two of my fellow music biz classmates, we took on music city. While there, we had the opportunity to attend countless panels moderated by the industry’s very best including Dolly Parton and Scooter Braun. 

We also had the opportunity to network with other professionals and students at the conference. At first, it was quite intimidating being amongst so many talented and career driven faces. However, I quickly realized I fit right in and was ready to dive in and begin to accelerate my career. 

As a student, it was refreshing to receive countless bits of advice from those who have been in my shoes not too long ago. Yes, it’s an industry that requires hustle, passion, and tough skin but that’s not an issue when it’s a way of life you learn to adapt to and love. 

Music truly is the best way to bring people of all walks of life together. At the conference, everyone wanted to help each other succeed. On the streets of Nashville, the music never stops and neither does the inspiration. 

Thank you Nashville for an unforgettable week of fun, learning, and networking. You are a city of opportunity and I look forward to being back very soon! 

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