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Welcome To My Home Studio

Hey everyone! Today I am so very excited to tour you around my home recording studio! This summer, I have been working on some new music and I am currently in the process of recording it. When it comes to recording, my Dad is always right there with me working behind the scenes. We love working together and learning more and more about music and recording every day.

Recording in a home studio is a little bit different than being in an actual recording booth. However, we are lucky enough to work with some of the same incredible equipment right in our own music room. When recording from home you really do have to make sure you think of every little thing to ensure the best possible sounding track. For example, the very first thing we did was kick the rest of the fam out of the house for a few hours (sorry guys) and turn off all the fans and air conditioning in the house. Yup, it’s true, those microphones really do pick up each and every sound.

After making sure the little things are taken care of, it’s go time. We first make sure all of our equipment, mics, instruments, and chords are set up properly. Next we jump on the computer to set up a new project. I’ll confess, we’re still fairly new to the whole computerized side of recording. Although, we absolutely love it so far! May I also throw in that I am so proud of my Dad for stepping out of his comfort zone and diving in to a whole new world in the recording industry. For someone who has only recorded Analog the past 25 years, he’s doing awesome with going digital and will be a pro in no time!

Once we’re all set, the magic can finally happen! Recording music is definitely no easy task but it is without a doubt a fun task. Yes the process can get tedious, especially when you are trying to lay down the perfect track. All I can say is, it’s definitely okay to take more than one try! For me, the best part is standing in front of that mic with headphones on singing lyrics to a song that has impacted my life in some way or another. Whether I wrote the song or am just doing a cover, as soon as I start to sing I’m transported to my own little world of music and happiness. Those 3 or 4 minutes are what make it all worth it. After raw recording comes mixing. This is when the song is really brought to life. This is no easy task either, but the final product once again makes it all worth while.

Hearing all your hard work come together into a finished product is one of the most accomplished feelings I’ve ever felt. Recording music has allowed me to bring out my creativity in several different ways and outlets. There are no boundaries when it comes to music. The music I write is my way of expressing myself and communicating those feelings with whoever listens. I truly believe that music is the universal language and it is a language I will never stop speaking (or in this case, singing).

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